An Encounter at 1314 Tea Garden

The romantic little white house sitting 1314 meters above sea level, with the beautifu...

Day 1: Stroll along the Green Tunnel in Ruilia Coffee of Princess Restaurant in Ruili (lunch date) a Couples tea party in the bamboo forest a 1314 Lookout tea plantation scenery in Ruifeng a Romantic confession at the Love Tower a Sunset viewing a Teapot Restaurant in Ruili (dinner) a Check in to Tianyi Homestay in Shizhuo

Day 2: Unplugged coffee DIY at Suwana in Leye a Romantic crafts DIY (Jin Pi Diao workshop) a Tribal village meal (lunch) a Leisure time on Mihu Trail (express your love and deepen your friendship) a Leye Zengin (romantic afternoon tea, mail postcard of love) a Love Prairie a Return